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A. David

David was the last of seven children born to a Christian family. His mother did not have the opportunity to complete elementary school. His father trained as a pastor, serving a small congregation in a rural village. Because the congregation is too small to provide a salary, his father farms rented land to provide for the basic needs of the family. David attended elementary school through a sponsoring organization from grades 3 through 7. He attended government school for his first few years of high school. Aging decreased his father’s ability to do the demanding physical labor of farming, (poverty accelerates aging due to poor nutrition.) forcing him to borrow money to pay for schooling costs. David attended a Christian school for his last 3 years. Joining a program at the school where he could work for part of his fees enabled him to complete high school and pass the national exam. Like his father, David has the heart of a pastor, and hopes to serve the Lord in some capacity while working as a teacher to provide for the needs of his family. Now in Launch Uganda he sees a way forward to achieving those dreams.