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M Daniel

Daniel was born the last of six children. His father only attended school through grade 6 and his mother never attended school as she was legally blind. Helping to provide food for the family, his mother farmed a small piece of land near their home. His father learned how to drive and made a living by transporting goods around town, and he also managed to buy and raise cows, using the income to pay for school fees. Daniel’s father paid for his school fees until 10th grade. Tragically, his father became very sick, was hospitalized, and died several weeks later. All hope of completing his education seemed lost with his father’s passing. The Christian school Daniel had been attending offered him a partial scholarship to help him complete school, along with a program where he could work to pay for part of his fees. Daniel gratefully accepted the opportunity, completed the advanced high school levels, took the national exam and qualified to attend university. Now in Launch Uganda, Daniel has hope for a future where he is able to provide for his mother and family as he pursues an education as a secondary teacher.