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O Ivan

Ivan was only three when his father died leaving his mother with 5 children. Ivan himself almost died from illness when he was 2 years old. Even after an amazing recovery, he lived with constant pain until he was six years old. One day, miraculously, all the pain left his body. Although he had numerous health issues over the years, his mother faithfully prayed for him.  


Ivan’s mother never had the opportunity to attend school as a child and, a single mother of 5, she struggled to keep her children in school. She sold vegetables at the local market but it was never enough. Ivan longed for an education and figured out on his own how to do it. Before exams, the school sent home the children who hadn’t paid their fees. Desperate, Ivan hid behind bushes waiting until no one was looking then sneaked back into the classroom and took his exams. Even though there were times when he had to sit out of school and wait for his mother to get some money, he persistently pursued education whenever there was an opportunity. In the 7th grade, family jealousies caused his aunt to push Ivan’s mother and children from the home his father had left them, further disrupting his world. His mom steadfastly continued to trust the Lord to take care of them and encouraged her children to do the same.  


Ivan had the opportunity to attend a Christian high school and worked responsibly to maximize his time there. His mother worked hard to help him pay fees and his siblings helped as they could. Their continued prayers were answered with a program at the school where Ivan could work for part of his fees. “Hope returned” Ivan said, referring to the work program that allowed him to complete the advanced level of high school, qualifying him to attend university. Now in Launch Uganda, Ivan continues to have hope for his future. Upon learning about Ivan’s opportunity to join Launch Uganda, his mom exclaimed, “God is great! Let us continue to pray and see where He will take you.”