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Stephen comes from a polygamist family where his mother has 2 children but his father has 25. With families scattered all over, his father rarely came around or provided for Stephen’s family. Living with her sister on 1 acre, his mother planted food to feed her family. She also started a small business growing cocoa, hoping to pay for Stephen’s education. Unfortunately, Stephen’s father appeared and took all the money his mother had for her small business, leaving the family with little means of providing for even basic needs.  


Stephen’s uncle paid his fees for elementary school but was unable to help him further. Stephen had no hope of continuing past elementary school. Learning of his situation, an organization sponsored him for his high school years. Stephen was able to attend a Christian high school, giving him the opportunity to get an education and also grow in his faith.  


Stephen dreams of becoming an auto mechanic. He hopes to own a small shop in his village providing work and hope for himself and others. Launch Uganda will enable him to complete his education and to learn how to start and run a small business, empowering him to help his family and his community.